Ames celebra la fin de año al estilo australiano con arándanos para ahuyentar la mala suerte

Ames Celebrates New Year’s the Aussie Way: Warding Off Bad Luck with Blueberries

A Unique Tradition Down Under

In the charming town of Ames, Iowa, locals embraced a quirky tradition straight from the land down under. Inspired by Australian folklore, they bid farewell to the old year and welcomed the new one with a delightful twist—blueberries!

A Sweet and Sour Start

Legend has it that tossing blueberries at your door, windows, and even each other brings good luck and chases away any lingering misfortune from the previous year. So, as the clock struck midnight, Ames residents gleefully hurled blueberries, creating a sweet and sour spectacle that painted the streets purple.

Laughter, Cheer, and Community Spirit

The atmosphere was electric as laughter, cheer, and the occasional blueberry splat filled the air. Families, friends, and neighbors gathered in the streets, sharing stories, jokes, and of course, plenty of blueberries. It was a delightful display of community spirit and a lighthearted way to say goodbye to the old and embrace the new.

A Hint of Blueberry Magic

Whether or not the blueberries truly possess magical powers, the tradition has become an integral part of Ames’ New Year’s Eve celebration. It’s a fun-filled event that brings people together and creates lasting memories. Who knows, maybe the blueberry toss does bring a touch of good luck—after all, it certainly brings a lot of joy and laughter.