Cornwall Provides Comprehensive List of New Year’s Day Openings and Closures.

Cornwall’s New Year’s Day Openings and Closures: A Comprehensive Guide

Planning a fun-filled New Year’s Day in Cornwall?

Here’s a handy list of what’s open and closed to help you make the most of your holiday!


– Major supermarkets: Stock up on groceries and essentials at these convenient locations.
– Selected Pubs and Restaurants: Enjoy a special New Year’s Day meal or drinks at participating establishments.


– Council Offices: Take a break from official business and enjoy the holiday.
– Libraries: Catch up on your reading later, as libraries will be closed for the day.
– Museums and Tourist Attractions: Plan alternative activities, as many attractions will be closed.

Essential Services:

– Emergency Services: Rest assured, emergency services will be available 24/7.
– Some Pharmacies: Check local listings for pharmacies operating on New Year’s Day.


– Public Transport: Services may operate on a reduced schedule, so plan accordingly.
– Taxis: Taxis will likely be available, but it’s best to book in advance.

Stay Safe and Have Fun!

Remember to prioritize safety during the festivities. From our team to yours, we wish you a joyful and memorable New Year’s Day!