Grounded Armor Tier List: Guide to the Best Armor in Grounded

Grounded Armor Tier List: Guide to the Best Armor in Grounded

Grounded Armor Tier List: Guide to the Best Armor in Grounded


In the immersive world of Grounded, navigating the perilous backyard requires players to equip themselves with reliable armor. This guide provides a comprehensive tier list of the best armor sets in Grounded, offering insights into their strengths, weaknesses, and crafting requirements. Prepare yourself to face the challenges of the backyard with the optimal armor to ensure survival.

Armor Tier List

  1. Tier 1: Leather Armor
    • Crafted from basic materials, leather armor provides a solid foundation for beginners.
    • Offers decent protection against early-game enemies like ants and spiders.
  2. Tier 2: Acorn Armor
    • Crafted from acorns, this armor set offers improved durability compared to leather armor.
    • Provides greater protection against the more challenging enemies encountered in the mid-game.
  3. Tier 3: Ladybug Armor
    • Crafted from the shells of ladybugs, this armor set boasts exceptional defense and resistance to various types of damage.
    • A formidable choice for venturing into hazardous areas like the Hedge Lab.
  4. Tier 4: Bee Armor
    • Crafted from bee parts, this specialized armor set excels in both defense and agility.
    • Its unique properties provide increased movement speed and stamina, ideal for exploration and combat.
  5. Tier 5: Koi Armor
    • Crafted from the scales of Koi fish, this legendary armor set offers unparalleled defense and elemental resistance.
    • The pinnacle of armor in Grounded, suitable for facing the toughest challenges and venturing into the deepest parts of the backyard.

Armor Crafting Requirements

Armor Set Required Materials
Leather Armor Leather, Plant Fiber
Acorn Armor Acorn Shells, Sprigs
Ladybug Armor Ladybug Shells, Mite Fuzz
Bee Armor Bee Stingers, Bee Glands
Koi Armor Koi Scales, Scarab Shells


In Grounded, choosing the right armor set significantly impacts your survival and exploration capabilities. This tier list provides a comprehensive overview of the best armor sets, their strengths, weaknesses, and crafting requirements. Whether you’re just starting your journey or facing the most formidable challenges, selecting the appropriate armor will enhance your chances of success in the backyard.