“Hopper rystet etter heisdrama: ‘_-Kjentes ut som at tårnet skulle rase-_'”

Hopper Shaken After Elevator Drama: “_It Felt Like the Tower Was Going to Collapse_”

A Scary Incident

David Hopper, a maintenance worker at the Burj Khalifa, was left shaken after a harrowing experience in one of the tower’s elevators.

The Elevator Malfunction

Hopper was performing routine maintenance when the elevator he was in suddenly malfunctioned. The elevator lurched violently, then came to an abrupt stop, leaving Hopper trapped inside.

Moments of Panic

Hopper recounted the terrifying moments, saying, “It felt like the tower was going to collapse. I thought I was going to die.”

Emergency Rescue

Fortunately, Hopper was able to call for help using his mobile phone. Rescue teams arrived promptly and managed to free him from the elevator.

Recovering from the Trauma

Hopper is now recovering from the traumatic incident. He is receiving counseling to help him cope with the emotional impact of the experience.

Safety Measures

The Burj Khalifa management has launched an investigation into the elevator malfunction. They have also implemented additional safety measures to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future.