How to Duplicate Remembrances in Elden Ring: Guide to Duplicating Remembrances

How to Duplicate Remembrances in Elden Ring: A Comprehensive Guide


In the vast world of Elden Ring, players encounter formidable foes known as Remembrances. These bosses hold immense power and upon defeating them, players are rewarded with valuable Remembrances. These Remembrances are crucial as they can be traded for unique weapons and spells that significantly bolster a player’s arsenal. However, the acquisition of Remembrances can be limited, leaving players yearning for duplicates to maximize their character’s potential. This guide will delve into the intricacies of duplicating Remembrances in Elden Ring, providing players with the knowledge and strategies necessary to acquire multiple Remembrances from a single boss.

Understanding Remembrances

Remembrances are unique items dropped by specific bosses in Elden Ring. Each Remembrance is associated with a particular boss and cannot be obtained through other means. These Remembrances serve as a testament to the player’s achievements and can be used to unlock powerful rewards.

Methods for Duplicating Remembrances

1. Save Scumming:

– Backing Up Save File: Before engaging in a boss fight, players can create a backup of their save file. This serves as a safety net, allowing them to revert to a state before the boss fight if desired.

– Defeating the Boss: Players should proceed to defeat the boss as they normally would. Once the boss is slain, the Remembrance will be acquired.

– Restoring Backup Save File: After obtaining the Remembrance, players can restore the backup save file they created before the boss fight. This will effectively reset the boss’s status, allowing players to fight the same boss again and acquire another Remembrance.

– Repeat the Process: Players can repeat the above steps as many times as necessary to duplicate the desired Remembrance.

2. Using a Friend or Family Member’s Character:

– Acquiring the Remembrance: Have a friend or family member defeat the boss and acquire the Remembrance.

– Dropping the Remembrance: Have the friend or family member drop the Remembrance on the ground.

– Picking up the Remembrance: The player can then pick up the dropped Remembrance, effectively duplicating it.

Benefits of Duplicating Remembrances

– Acquiring Multiple Powerful Weapons and Spells: Duplication of Remembrances allows players to acquire multiple copies of unique weapons and spells associated with specific bosses. This enables players to experiment with different builds and strategies, enhancing their combat effectiveness and adaptability.

– Enhancing Character’s Capabilities: By possessing multiple copies of Remembrances, players can enhance their character’s capabilities, such as increasing damage output, improving defense, or unlocking new abilities. This versatility allows players to tackle more challenging encounters and progress further in the game.

– Completing Achievements and Trophies: Certain achievements and trophies in Elden Ring require the acquisition of specific weapons or spells that are tied to Remembrances. By duplicating Remembrances, players can efficiently complete these achievements and add them to their collection.


Duplication of Remembrances in Elden Ring presents players with a strategic advantage, enabling them to acquire multiple copies of coveted items. Whether it’s to experiment with different builds, enhance character capabilities, or complete achievements, the ability to duplicate Remembrances opens up a world of possibilities. By utilizing the methods outlined in this guide, players can effectively duplicate Remembrances and unlock the full potential of their character’s arsenal in Elden Ring.