Huyền Baby khóc nức vì bị Thúy Phương mang drama ngay cuối năm

Huyền Baby Breaks Down in Tears as Thúy Phương Reignites Old Drama

Just as the year was winding down, Huyền Baby found herself at the center of a rekindled drama, leaving her emotionally distraught. The drama was ignited by Thúy Phương, who brought up an old issue that had been buried for some time.

Thúy Phương’s Provocative Post

Thúy Phương took to social media to share a post that alluded to a past disagreement with Huyền Baby. The post, which was cryptic at first, quickly gained attention from netizens who began speculating about the underlying issue.

Huyền Baby Responds with Tears

Huyền Baby, overwhelmed by the sudden resurfacing of the drama, responded with a tearful video. In the video, she expressed her hurt and disappointment over Thúy Phương’s actions, stating that she had hoped the issue had been resolved long ago.

Netizens Divided in Their Reactions

The drama attracted mixed reactions from netizens. Some expressed sympathy for Huyền Baby, criticizing Thúy Phương for reopening old wounds. Others questioned why Huyền Baby was so emotional over the matter, suggesting that she should let go of the past.