InkCase i7 Plus Review: Assessing the Performance of an iPhone E-Ink Case

InkCase i7 Plus Review: A Comprehensive Evaluation of the iPhone E-Ink Case


The InkCase i7 Plus is an intriguing accessory that aims to merge the convenience of an e-reader with the capabilities of an iPhone. This unique case, compatible with the iPhone series, incorporates an E Ink display, promising a rich reading experience without sacrificing the smartphone’s functionality. In this review, we will thoroughly assess the performance, versatility, and overall user experience of the InkCase i7 Plus.

Design and Build Quality

The InkCase i7 Plus showcases solid construction and premium materials. Its sturdy build provides adequate protection for the iPhone, while the matte finish exudes a stylish and professional look. The E Ink display blends seamlessly with the case, creating a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing design.

E Ink Display

The 6.8-inch E Ink display is undoubtedly the highlight of the InkCase i7 Plus. The e-paper technology employed offers several advantages, including exceptional readability in various lighting conditions, reduced eye strain, and power efficiency. Whether you’re reading in bright sunlight or a dimly lit room, the display delivers a sharp and comfortable viewing experience.

Reading Experience

The InkCase i7 Plus transforms your iPhone into a dedicated e-reader, providing a distraction-free and immersive reading environment. The E Ink display faithfully reproduces text, ensuring crisp and clear rendering of books, articles, and documents. Additionally, the case offers customizable font sizes, line spacing, and background colors to accommodate personal preferences and enhance readability.

iOS Integration

The InkCase i7 Plus seamlessly integrates with iOS, enabling effortless access to your favorite reading apps and files. Whether you prefer the Apple Books app, Kindle, or other third-party e-reader apps, the case seamlessly synchronizes your library and allows for seamless reading and navigation.

Battery Life

The InkCase i7 Plus boasts impressive battery life, thanks to the energy-efficient nature of the E Ink display. With typical usage, the case can last up to several weeks on a single charge, providing ample reading time without the need for frequent recharging.


The InkCase i7 Plus excels in versatility, offering more than just a reading experience. It also serves as a protective case for your iPhone, safeguarding it from bumps, scratches, and accidental drops. Additionally, the case features a built-in Apple Pencil holder, transforming your iPhone into a digital notebook or sketchbook.


The InkCase i7 Plus is a well-executed accessory that successfully combines the advantages of an e-reader with the functionality of an iPhone. The high-quality build, exceptional E Ink display, seamless iOS integration, and impressive battery life make it a compelling choice for avid readers who seek a distraction-free reading experience. While its versatility extends beyond reading, users looking for a dedicated e-reader might still prefer a standalone device. Overall, the InkCase i7 Plus stands as a remarkable innovation, catering to those who value immersive reading and seek a unique and convenient way to enjoy their favorite content on the go.