Jumbo-Visma Extends Condolences to Family of Deceased Melissa Hoskins, Wife of Detained Rohan Dennis

Jumbo-Visma Extends Heartfelt Condolences

In the Wake of Melissa Hoskins’ Tragic Passing

Jumbo-Visma, the prominent cycling team, has expressed their profound sorrow and sent heartfelt condolences to the family of Melissa Hoskins, wife of the detained Australian cyclist Rohan Dennis. This tragic event has cast a shadow of grief over the cycling community.

Melissa Hoskins, a passionate cycling enthusiast and beloved partner to Rohan Dennis, tragically lost her life on January 2023. The circumstances surrounding her passing remain undisclosed, but the news has left the cycling world in mourning.

Rohan Dennis, currently in detention in Spain following an alleged incident, has been granted compassionate leave to attend his wife’s funeral. Jumbo-Visma, recognizing the immense emotional toll on Dennis, has pledged its full support during this trying time.

The team’s statement conveyed their deepest sympathies, acknowledging the unfathomable pain and grief experienced by Rohan Dennis and his family. Jumbo-Visma emphasized their commitment to providing any assistance required during this difficult period.

The cycling community has rallied around Rohan Dennis, offering words of comfort and support. Fellow cyclists, teams, and fans have expressed their solidarity, sending messages of strength and resilience to the grieving family.

As the cycling world comes together in shared sorrow, Melissa Hoskins will be remembered for her unwavering support of Rohan Dennis and her passion for the sport. Jumbo-Visma and the cycling community extend their condolences, and their thoughts are with Rohan Dennis and his family during this unimaginable time of loss.