Karim Benzema enciende las alarmas en Al-Ittihad por sus ausencias en los últimos entrenamientos

Karim Benzema’s Absence in Training Raises Concerns at Al-Ittihad

A Cause for Alarm

Al-Ittihad is keeping a close eye on Karim Benzema’s recent training absences, which have raised concerns about his availability for upcoming matches.

Missed Sessions

The French striker has missed multiple training sessions, sparking speculation about his physical condition and commitment to the club.

Uncertainty over Availability

Benzema’s absence leaves Al-Ittihad uncertain about his availability for their next game, adding to the team’s worries.

Hopes for a Quick Return

The club remains hopeful that Benzema will be back on the training ground soon and ready to contribute to the team’s success.

Fans Anxiously Waiting

Fans are eagerly awaiting news of Benzema’s recovery, as his presence on the pitch is crucial for Al-Ittihad’s title ambitions.