Novoroční přání biskupa Nuzíka: Co popřál věřícím?

Bishop Nuzík’s New Year’s Wishes for the Faithful

As the New Year begins, Bishop Nuzík has shared his heartfelt wishes for the faithful.

A Year of Peace and Harmony

The Bishop expressed his earnest desire for a peaceful and harmonious year, marked by unity and understanding among people.

Healing and Recovery

He offered prayers for healing and recovery for those affected by the ongoing pandemic, hoping for a return to normalcy and good health.

Spiritual Growth and Renewal

Bishop Nuzík encouraged believers to embark on a journey of spiritual growth and renewal, seeking deeper connections with God and fellow human beings.

Hope and Optimism

He urged the faithful to embrace hope and optimism, even amidst challenges, believing in the power of God’s love and guidance.

Love and Compassion

The Bishop emphasized the importance of showing love and compassion towards one another, fostering a sense of community and support.

Blessings and Divine Guidance

Bishop Nuzík concluded his message by invoking divine blessings and guidance upon the faithful, wishing them a fulfilling and grace-filled year ahead.