NYT Connections Today: Answer Hints for December 20 – Stay Informed

NYT Connections Today: Answer Hints for December 20 – Stay Informed


The New York Times Connections Today is a daily word game that challenges players to connect words based on their relationships. With each puzzle, players are given a set of clues that hint at the connections between the words. Solving these puzzles not only tests your vocabulary but also encourages lateral thinking and problem-solving skills.

Answer Hints for December 20:

For those seeking assistance with today’s Connections Today puzzle, here are some helpful hints to guide you towards the correct answers:

1. “A Permanent Record __”:

Think of something that leaves a lasting impression or is difficult to change.

2. “A __ of One’s Own”:

Consider a space or place where an individual can engage in creative or intellectual pursuits.

3. “A Place to __ Your Worries”:

Imagine a location or activity that brings comfort and relieves stress.

4. “A Great __ of Relief”:

Envision a feeling of immense happiness or satisfaction resulting from a positive outcome.

5. “A Bit of __”:

Think of a small amount or a fragment of something, often used in a positive or endearing manner.

6. “A __ of Thanks”:

Consider an expression of gratitude or appreciation, often conveyed in writing.

7. “A __ to Keep”:

Imagine a memento or keepsake that holds sentimental value and is cherished over time.

8. “A Little Bit __”:

Think of a phrase that conveys a sense of affection or admiration for someone or something.

9. “A Real __”:

Consider a person or thing that embodies authenticity, genuineness, or sincerity.

10. “A __ of Hope”:

Imagine a symbol or representation that evokes feelings of optimism and positive expectations.

Remember, these hints are intended to assist you in solving the puzzle. The answers themselves may vary depending on the context and perspective of the puzzle creator. Enjoy the challenge and the satisfaction of finding the correct connections!