PM Modi’s New Diwali Decree Highlights the Breadth of Indian Politics

PM Modi’s Diwali Decree Shows the Depth of Indian Politics

A Diwali Decree With Political Implications

PM Modi’s recent Diwali decree shows the complexity of Indian politics. The order that all government buildings be decorated with indigenous items highlights the government’s focus on promoting local artisans and businesses. The use of only locally produced items is a nod to the “Vocal for Local” campaign that the PM has been pushing for. It also shows the government’s interest in reviving traditional Indian arts and crafts.

A Balancing Act

This decree is a significant step in promoting local artisans and businesses. However, it’s important to ensure that this doesn’t lead to a decline in the use of imported goods. A balance is crucial to sustain economic growth while supporting local industries. The government’s focus should be on creating an environment where both local and imported goods can thrive.