Potential News Title: “Which Romanian Actors Tied the Knot with Foreign Partners?”

Romanian A-Listers Who Found Love Abroad

Have you ever wondered which Romanian actors have ventured beyond borders to find love and companionship? In the world of cinema, love knows no boundaries, and some of Romania’s most talented stars have found their soulmates in foreign partners. Let’s dive into the lives of these actors who found love across borders.

Bogdan Iancu and Monica Barbaro

Bogdan Iancu, known for his captivating performances in “Moromete Family: The Homecoming” and “Closer to the Moon,” found love with American actress Monica Barbaro. Their cross-cultural romance blossomed on a project they worked on together, leading to a beautiful union.

Ana Ularu and Ian Kelly

Ana Ularu, the Romanian actress who captivated audiences in “The Nun” and “Inferno,” found her perfect match in British actor Ian Kelly. Their love story began on the set of a play, and they’ve been inseparable ever since.

Dragoș Bucur and Dana Rogoz

Dragoș Bucur, known for his roles in “The Death of Mr. Lazarescu” and “Comrade Detective,” found love with fellow Romanian actress Dana Rogoz. Their love story began while working on a local TV show and has since blossomed into a solid marriage.


These are just a few examples of Romanian actors who found love abroad. Their journeys remind us that love can bridge any gap, whether it’s cultural, linguistic, or geographical. These couples’ stories inspire us to keep our hearts open and embrace love wherever it may find us.