Sfântul Vasile 2023: Cui poți spune „La mulți ani” și ce nume se sărbătoresc pe 1 ianuarie 2024

Sfântul Vasile 2023: Who to Greet and Celebrated Names on January 1, 2024

A Look into Romanian Traditions

In Romania, Sfântul Vasile marks the beginning of the New Year. Traditionally, it’s a time to celebrate and exchange well wishes with loved ones. This year, Sfântul Vasile falls on January 1, 2024, and it’s associated with several unique customs and traditions.

Who to Greet on Sfântul Vasile

On Sfântul Vasile, it’s customary to greet anyone named Vasile, Vasilica, Basilia, or Vasilie. It’s a special day for those with these names as they receive warm wishes and blessings from friends, family, and acquaintances.

Celebrating Other Names on January 1

Besides those named Vasile, there are other names that are celebrated on Sfântul Vasile. These include names derived from the Latin word “Basilius,” such as Bazil, Bazilissa, and Bazilica. So, if you know someone with any of these names, be sure to offer them a heartfelt “La mulți ani!” (Happy New Year!).