Spider-Man 2 Aunt May Grave Location: Finding Aunt May’s Grave in Spider-Man 2

Spider-Man 2 Aunt May Grave Location: Finding Aunt May’s Grave in Spider-Man 2


In the popular video game “Spider-Man 2”, Aunt May, the beloved aunt of Peter Parker, unfortunately passes away. This event sets the stage for a deeply emotional and impactful journey for Spider-Man as he grapples with the loss of a significant figure in his life. For players seeking to find Aunt May’s grave in the game, this article provides a comprehensive guide to its location.

Aunt May’s Grave Location

Aunt May’s grave is situated in a serene cemetery called Forest Lawn Cemetery. To locate it:

1. Launch “Spider-Man 2” and ensure you are playing as Spider-Man.

2. Navigate to the northern part of Manhattan, specifically the area known as Harlem.

3. Within Harlem, locate the Forest Lawn Cemetery, which is marked on the in-game map.

4. Once inside the cemetery, proceed towards the northwestern section, near the corner of 125th Street and Amsterdam Avenue.

5. Look for a small, secluded area with a gravestone bearing Aunt May’s name.

Interacting with Aunt May’s Grave

Upon reaching Aunt May’s grave, players can interact with it by pressing the appropriate button prompt. This will trigger a heartfelt cutscene where Spider-Man expresses his grief, pays tribute to his aunt, and reflects on their shared memories. The cutscene serves as a poignant moment of remembrance and closure for both Spider-Man and the player.

Significance of Aunt May’s Grave

Aunt May’s grave holds immense significance in “Spider-Man 2”. It represents a turning point in the game’s narrative, marking the loss of a pivotal character who has been a constant source of love, guidance, and support for Peter Parker throughout his life. Her absence leaves a void in Spider-Man’s life, compelling him to confront his emotions and find new sources of strength and resilience.


Finding Aunt May’s grave in “Spider-Man 2” is an emotionally charged experience that adds depth and resonance to the game’s narrative. By visiting her resting place, players can empathize with Spider-Man’s grief and witness his personal journey as he grapples with the loss of a beloved family member. The grave serves as a poignant reminder of the profound impact that Aunt May had on Spider-Man’s life and the legacy she leaves behind.