**Tué par son rottweiler : que va devenir l’animal ?**

Tragic Loss: Rottweiler Kills Owner – What’s Next for the Dog?

In a heartbreaking incident, a rottweiler tragically took the life of its owner. Questions now arise about the fate of the dog and what should be done.

Considering the Dog’s Behavior and History

Animal experts and authorities will thoroughly evaluate the dog’s behavior and history. Their assessment will determine whether the dog poses a danger to others or if it can be rehabilitated.

Experts will also consider the circumstances surrounding the tragic incident, such as any potential provocation or if the dog was acting in self-defense.

Options for the Rottweiler’s Future

Based on the evaluation, several options may be considered for the dog’s future:

1. Rehabilitation: If deemed suitable, the dog could undergo rehabilitation and training to address any behavioral issues.

2. Adoption: In some cases, the dog may be placed for adoption if it’s found to be safe and adoptable.

3. Euthanasia: If the dog is deemed to be a danger to others or if rehabilitation is not an option, euthanasia may be considered.

The decision regarding the dog’s fate will be made carefully, taking into account the safety of the community and the welfare of the animal.