Unwrapping Your Fortnite 2022 Wrapped Stats: What Do They Reveal About Your Gaming Year?

Unwrapping Your Fortnite 2022 Wrapped Stats: What Do They Reveal About Your Gaming Year?

With the end of 2022, Fortnite has unveiled its annual Wrapped stats, providing players with a comprehensive overview of their gaming journey throughout the year. These stats offer valuable insights into your gameplay habits, preferences, and achievements, giving you a chance to reflect on your Fortnite experience. Let’s dive into what your stats reveal about your gaming year:

1. Time Spent On The Battlegrounds:

Your Wrapped stats will showcase the total hours you’ve dedicated to Fortnite in 2022. Discover how much time you’ve spent honing your skills, strategizing with teammates, or simply enjoying the game’s immersive world. Your playtime statistic might surprise you, highlighting the dedication and passion you’ve invested in Fortnite throughout the year.

2. Battle Royale Prowess:

For Battle Royale enthusiasts, the Wrapped stats provide an in-depth look at your combat prowess. From the number of matches you’ve played to the number of Victory Royales you’ve achieved, these stats paint a picture of your overall performance on the battlefield. Additionally, you’ll find intriguing breakdowns of your eliminations, average placement, and win rate, allowing you to assess your strengths and areas for improvement.

3. Creative Mode Masterpieces:

If you’ve ventured into Fortnite’s Creative mode, your Wrapped stats will showcase your creativity and innovation. See how many islands you’ve created or visited, and revel in the memories of the unique experiences you’ve shared with friends and the wider Fortnite community. Your stats might also reveal hidden talents for map design, storytelling, or simply creating entertaining challenges.

4. Signature Weapon Choices:

Fortnite’s arsenal of weapons offers diverse playstyles and strategies. Your Wrapped stats will uncover your preferred weapons, revealing the ones you’ve relied on most frequently in your matches. Discover whether you’re a sharpshooter with sniper rifles, a close-quarters specialist with shotguns, or a versatile player who adapts to different situations with a variety of weapons.

5. Squad Play Dynamics:

For those who enjoy teaming up with friends or forging alliances in-game, the Wrapped stats provide insights into your squad play dynamics. See how many matches you’ve played as part of a team, and delve into your win rate and average placement when playing with others. These stats might reveal your strengths as a team player, your ability to coordinate strategies, and your chemistry with fellow Fortnite enthusiasts.

6. Accolades and Achievements:

Your Fortnite Wrapped stats also highlight your accomplishments and achievements throughout the year. From earning badges for completing challenges to unlocking unique cosmetics, these stats celebrate your dedication and perseverance. Take pride in your progress and reflect on the milestones you’ve reached in Fortnite during 2022.

7. Evolving Playstyle and Preferences:

Over time, your Fortnite gameplay habits and preferences may have evolved. The Wrapped stats offer a chance to reflect on these changes. Compare your stats from different periods of the year to see how your playstyle has adapted or remained consistent. These insights can help you identify patterns, strengths, and areas where you might want to refine your approach to the game.


Fortnite’s 2022 Wrapped stats provide a captivating retrospect of your gaming journey throughout the year. From your time spent on the battlegrounds to your creative endeavors, from your weapon choices to your squad play dynamics, these stats offer a personalized narrative of your Fortnite experience. Embrace the opportunity to reflect on your achievements, identify areas for growth, and celebrate the unique moments that made your Fortnite year memorable.